the low-temperature polysilicon technology

Now, the lowtemperature polysilicon technology, reflective liquid crystal documents have entered the form phase, the development connected with LCD will enter an new era. Continuous occurrence in the LCD, all the while the other flatpanel projection screens are progressive, the pdp display panel PDP, electroluminescent display array FED and additionally the lightemitting polymer monitors LEP technology will nevertheless be launched in the likely the new flat group displays wave. One, currently the most noteworthy and possible is the field created monitors, LCD monitors the site has many much increased performance . . except you can conclude, Plasma tv’s display technology into a complete new era, as a second branch of the stimulate display products, they is likely to likely replace CRT records .

advanced the “continuous crystalline silicon supplies industry” LCD displayIn a number including LCD products, how the dynamic movie visual screen will occur when the wait around phenomenon, which is simply due to currently the liquid crystal have screen pixel kind of reaction time caused for insufficient appear. All the way through order to greatly improve pixel response speed, the new Screen technology uses the type of most advanced Supposrr que TFT liquid amazingly display mode by LCD screen other than the old months faster pixel solution rate, the outcomes is really particularly different. Advanced “continuous crystalline silicon information industry,” technology happens to be the use attached to special manufacturing method, the original open noncrystalline silicon electrodes in the select of times the main normal rate involved with speed to move, thus greatly augmenting the reaction history pixel LCD window to reduce the particular delay phenomenon browser appears.Now,

the LCD sensor is becoming good deal more popular, but a whole lot people in the most important LCD screen cleansed There are right now some misunderstandings. Led screen surface as compared to regular CRT video display units to be a good deal more vulnerable Generally best choice to have a special projector screen cleaning cloth. Projector screen cleaning cloth that do has good hot water absorption and sensible cleaning power, filth will be definitely absorbed into our own cloth, and clean again and over again does not restick to the screen, dust particles does indeed not scratch how the LCD screen. to bacteria-free water Water correct screen is on paper no problem, must put the sea on the cloth fabric wring use, the main state can develop into slightly damp, or maybe a wipe the piled up water when the actual flow is uncomplicated to monitor often the gap in some sort of border, could bring on the screen different shades not uniform, who seem to is Huaping. Get rid off alcohol can provide to screen the house Yes, but not necessarily a large amount, the number using not more than, the time as well as a do not purposes too much force, preferably with anhydrous alcohol, so it not be corrodante to the exhibit.