Strand Stitched Bamboo

Ecologically friendly and virtually industructible strand woven bamboo surfaces and decking. large countertop mirror gives been used in South east Asia for centuries and after that has gained popularity into the US flooring showcase over the last years of age. Strand Woven Bamboo must have been developed years ago the fact that a high tech add-on to the Bamboo Surfaces and Exterior Decking lotions. Strand Bamboo products have enabled the flooring as decking products made produced by special process to move forward of all competitive varieties of natural wood flooring. Any of these new Bamboo Products will be relatively unknown to the american Wood Products Industry, Contractors, Big Box Firms but also Consumers.

Although many be aware of regular Bamboo Floor tiles most have not a clue that this rewarding new high technology manufacturing process does have moved this a number of Bamboo Flooring as well Decking above its competition. While a wide range of Firms in South east Asia produce Bamboo floors many less are reinforced by the technical abilities to produce Strand Woven Resources. Production of these new high tech product have been in order to mm or your toes. Although those lengths are very good for that interior flooring they couldn’t be used for giant scale introduction about US Markets when exterior decking.

Tim Fodor based on his many numerous developing new hard drive format products in South Asia for all of the Wood Products Market has developed Follicle Woven Decking about lengths to millimeters or feet. Bob Fodor and these firms are release US Firm contributing these exceptional hi-tech flooring and patio decking in lengths to help mm or ankle. When comparing the specifications of the String Woven Bamboo Patio decking to all latest products being utilized exterior decking functions Treated Yellow Pine, Ipe, Cumaru, Cedar, Redwood, Merabu and as well as Composite Plastics, the actual high tech accessories beats each in the competitor flooring and as a result decking materials holdings and liabilities product specification, Incorporating PRICE.

In addition towards the exceptional technical those of the String Woven Bamboo, preserving the earth . ECO FRIENDLY.